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Benazir Bhutto Biography

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto

Name: Benazir Bhutto

Nick name: Iron Lady

Nationality:   Pakistani 

Born City:   Karachi

Birth Date:  June 21, 1953

Profession :  Politician

Religion : Islam

Height : 5 feet 7 inchs

University/College : Karachi Grammar School,Radcliffe College,Harvard University , Lady Margaret Hall

Died on: December 27, 2007 (Assassination )

Former PM Benazir Bhutto remembered on her 11th death anniversary ( 27 Dec 2018 )

Father Name: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Mother Name: Nusrat Bhutto

Siblings: Shahnawaz Bhutto (B) , Sanam Bhutto (S) , Murtaza Bhutto (B)

Spouse: Asif Ali Zardari (m-1987 -2007)

Children: Bilawal Bhutto ,Asifa Bhutto Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari

Who was  Benazir Bhutto ?

Benazir was the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority nation . Benazir Bhutto  was a  politician who served as Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996. Her father (Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) was founder of   PPP(   Pakistan Peoples Party  ).

Interesting facts about Benazir Bhutto :


Bhutto was known to her friends as Pinkie, a childhood nickname given to her by her family.

Benazir Bhutto Life Overview :

  • In July, 1977,  General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq declared Pakistan to be under martial law. Zulfikar was arrested and charged with the murder of Muhammad Ahmed Khan Kasuri. When she was able, Benazir  visited her father in prison. She also assisted in the preparation of his defense case  . Zulfikar  was executed in April 1979. Bhutto and his mother Nusrat were imprisoned for six months.
  • In  April 1980 Benazir and her mother were appointed co-chairpersons of the PPP.
  • She was elected as  Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988. In August 1990, Khan dismissed Bhutto’s government under the Eighth Amendment. He claimed that this was necessary due to her government’s corruption and inability to maintain domestic law and order .
  • In 1990,PMLN won the election and Benazir became  the leader of  opposition at that time.
  •  In the 1993 election, the PPP won the most seats, and Bhutto became prime minister for 2nd time. She appointed both her husband and mother to her cabinet.
  • Bhutto’s government was dismissed by President Leghari  ( 4 Nomber 1996 ) because of corruption allegations.
  • In 1996,PMLN won the election and Benazir became  the leader of  opposition for the second  time.
  • In 1998, Bhutto left Pakistan and settled in Dubai.
  • Bhutto returned to Pakistan in October 2007.
  • She was attacked in Karachi,  two bombs went off, killing 149 and injuring 402. Bhutto herself was physically unharmed .
  • In November 2007, She was  placed under house arrest by Musharraf.
  • On 24 November 2007, Bhutto filed her nomination papers for Parliamentary elections
  • on 27 Dec 2007, In the afternoon, she gave a speech at a PPP rally held in Rawalpindi’s Liaquat National Bagh.
  • On leaving in a bulletproof vehicle, Benazir opened the car’s escape hatch and stood up to wave to the surrounding crowds.A  fired three or four gunshots at her, and detonated a suicide vest packed with ball bearings.She was died on spot.

Benazir Bhutto Speech :


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