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Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg

Mark zuckerberg

Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Nick name: princely,Zuck

Nationality:   American 

Born City:  White Plains, New York, United States

Birth Date:  May 14, 1984

Profession :  Entrepreneur , Programmer

Religion : Atheist

Height : 5 feet 7 inchs

University/College : Mercy College , Harvard University


Father Name:Edward Zuckerberg

Mother Name:  Karen Kempner

Siblings: Randi Zuckerberg (S) ,Donna Zuckerberg (S) , Arielle Zuckerberg (S)

Spouse: Priscilla Chan (m- 2012)

Children: Maxima Chan Zuckerberg , August Chan Zuckerberg

  • Facebook says head of Messenger, is starting a small blockchain group.
  • Mark Zuckerberg Is on the Brink of Being Richer Than Warren Buffett ( 21 June 2018 )


Who is Mark Zuckerberg ?

Mark Zuckerberg  is an American computer programmer and  entrepreneur .He is founder of Facebook   . In January 2018, He was  the fifth richest ($75.2 billion US) person in the world. 

Interesting Facts about Mark Zuckerberg :

Red-green colorblindness

Mark suffers from red-green colorblindness and sees the color blue best that’s why  dominates Facebook’s color scheme.

Facebook Grey T Shirt

He wears the same gray T-shirt almost every day.Because of busy schedules .

Facebook comment Magic

If you type @[4:0] in a Facebook comment window and hit enter, his name will appear.

Facebook Bloacking

He can’t be blocked on Facebook.


Zuckerberg Early Life:

  • Mark was born in May 14, 1984 in  White Plains ( New York ) .
  • Edward ZuckerbergHis father was famous dentist and  a psychiatrist.
  • He was admitted in  Phillips Exeter Academy, in New Hampshire, in his junior year, where he won prizes in science . He was captain of his prep school fencing team.
  • Mark Zuckerberg began using computers and started writing programming codes in middle school.
  • He learned Atari BASIC Programming  in 1990 from his father.After that his father  hired a software developer David Newman to tutor him privately.
  • He took a graduate course in the subject at Mercy College  when he was in high school.
  • He built a software program he called “ZuckNet” that allowed all the computers between the house and dental office to communicate .He created this for his father profession .
  • When he was in high school,  He worked for a company Intelligent Media Group to build a music player called the Synapse Media Player.

Zuckerberg Life at Harvard :

  • Mark joined Harvard in 2002. He had already developed a reputation as the go-to software developer on campus
  • In second year of study ,Mark wrote a program that he called CourseMatch, which allowed students choose their classes (AI Based) based on the course selections of other users.
  • After some timer  he initially called Facemash that let students select the best looking person from a choice of photos.
  • The site went up in a weekend, but by Monday morning, the college shut it down, because its popularity had down Harvard’s network switches and servers . Many students complained that their photos were being used without permission.
  • In January 2004, he began writing code for a new Web site, After one  month, On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched “Thefacebook”, originally located at thefacebook.com. He dropped Harvard for that.
  • Six days after the website launched, three Harvard seniors, accused Zuckerberg of intentionally misleading them into believing he would help them build a social network called HarvardConnection.com, while he was  using their idea to build a competing product.
  • Mark received an honorary degree from Harvard  May 28, 2017 )


What was Facemash ?

He had books called Face Books, which included the names and pictures of everyone who lived in the student  hostels. At first, mark built a site and placed two pictures, or pictures of two males and two females. Visitors come to website and vote who is hotter.



(Last Updated: 21 June 2018 )

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